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Points & Reputation System

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Points & Reputation System

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:02 pm

Points System:

A points system has been put into place where members may earn points for posting, etc. A different point value will be given for various topics that you post or make replies in. Contests will be held from time to time and prizes given away for members with the highest points. The points range from 1-50.

Reputation System:

The Reputation System will build your reputation and your presence as you post topics on the forum. The higher your reputation becomes on the forum, the more value your content and links will become to other members. This is because they will see you as an expert in these areas. The way it works is if someone likes your post, they can click on the little black + sign on the right side of your post and it will add reputation value to you and place a green bar on the right side of the post. If a person does not like the post, then they can click the black - sign on the same side of the post and instead of it turning green, it will turn red. If someone clicks the thanks button on the post, then you can gain even more reputation points. As with the points system, there may very well be contests in the future for the person with the highest reputation. Everyone needs to be honest and responsible with this feature or it may be removed. Good Luck with building your Reputation here at the forum. Basketball Basketball

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