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Read These Rules and Terms Of Usage Prior To Making Any Posts

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Read These Rules and Terms Of Usage Prior To Making Any Posts

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:50 pm

Terms of Usage, Conditions of Service and Posting Rules

By using this forum, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1.No self-promotional posts. Affiliate links, personal website links, taglines and personal information are not allowed in posts. The only way to promote yourself is through your signature, which can be edited through the "Profile" page.
2.Coaxing readers to look into signature or any form of soft selling is not allowed.
3.Posts of type "Looking for a work at home opportunity" will not be approved as they have been asked countless times and replied to. Please go through exisiting forum discussions.
4.Posts that are focussed solely to drive readers to the member's website/signature links will be removed.
5.No slandering, hate speech, discrimination, flaming, or anything alike. Always be respectful of other users and the moderators.
6.Posting of articles/information that has been posted elsewhere is prohibited. In other words, please post only unique content.
7.Autosurf/Paid to Surf/Paid to Click/Pre-launch programs will not be discussed in this forum.
8.Links to adult/pornography/illegal websites in signatures are not allowed.
9.Messages posted by new members are forwarded to the moderators for approval. Depending on the nature of posts made by a member, the moderator may place the member in pre-moderation queue.
10.No posts requesting review of websites. As it's impossible to distinguish fake requests (in pretext of promoting websites) from genuine ones, posts of such kinds will not be entertained.
11.Before starting a new thread, use "Search" first (located on top of the page..) to see if your question has been answered before!
12.Describe your problem specifically -- including the thread topic, because this helps people who are willing to answer to you.
13.Don't reply with an off-topic comment/question -- instead start a new thread.
14.Do not use this forum for resolution of personal disputes with members or companies.
15.Signing up under multiple usernames and cross posting to gain credibility is strictly prohibited. Our forum software can easily identify this and memberships of users resorting to such tactics will be terminated immediately.
16.Messages posted at this forum are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster and not necessarily those of
17.Copying and retransmission of any information out of this forum without first getting the permission of the original author of the message and the forum administrator is strictly prohibited.
18.We reserve the right to edit/remove any and all content that has been placed on this forum.
19.If the conduct or posts of a member is found to endanger the sanctity of the forum, Work at Home Forum reserves every right to suspend his/her membership.
20.Failure to abide by the forum terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of your membership, without any prior notice or warning.

If you have used other forums, these are basically the same rules as other forums have.

Last edited by Admin on Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:02 pm; edited 4 times in total

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